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Trustee Meetings | 4th Monday | Township Hall, 9256 Norwalk Road | 6 PM *
Zoning Commission Meetings | 2nd Tuesday | Township Hall, 9256 Norwalk Road | 6:30 PM *
Litchfield Township Gazeebo - Memorial Day 2013

Litchfield, Ohio History

Litchfield Township is located southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. It is in Medina County and the geographical boundaries are marked on the north and west by Lorain County, on the south by Chatham Township, and on the east by York Township.

Just after the war of 1812 an eastern land speculator, Judge Holmes of Litchfield, Connecticut, came into possession of the area. Although records are scarce, it seems no one settled permanently in the territory, even though three roads were built, and the land reverted back to the state of Connecticut and was later set apart as No. 3, Range 16.

The settlement of this area began in the winter of 1830 and thus begins the story of our township.

Litchfield Township Quick Contacts

Trustee Dennis Horvath (330) 591-5397
Trustee Vice Chair Nancy Wargo (330) 722-2575
Trustee Chair Michael Pope (330) 725-1652
Fiscal Officer Pam Shaw (330) 722-7068
Fire Chief Jason Davis (330) 725-0911
Zoning Inspector Eric Noderer (330) 723-6966

* Dates and times subject to change.