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  • John & Lois Ramsier

    We live at 10370 Crow Rd. Next door west of us they run a dog kennel and a training center in the field next to us. At least twice a week the yell, whistle, shoot guns, & run dogs. Next door to them they run a gun range on Sundays from about 10:00am to 3:00pm. This gun shooting is not just small caliber guns but high caliber guns and at lease a couple of hundred rounds. We were wondering if there is any regulations, permits, or noise condition governing these businesses since they are definatly not agricultural businesses. Also how will you protect our property values if these businesses continue to operate? Thank You.


      Hello, John and Lois,
      Great questions. They have been sent to all three Trustees today, and one will respond. In the meantime, you’re also welcome to call Zoning Manager Trustee Dennis Horvath at 330.591.5397. We will post a reply here as well, as soon as possible.

  • John & Lois Ramsier

    We sent an email on march 25th and were looking for a reply. The reference is having a dog kennel and a gun range next to us also. Are there any ordinances that would apply or are we destined to have to keep our windows closed?

  • Sue George

    I live on Stone and Vandemark and have been approached by Aspire regarding installing a gas line. Is the township aware of this and is it approved for residents to go ahead with this

    Thank you


      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your question. I’ve passed it on to Trustee Dennis Horvath; expect a reply from him asap. You’re also welcome to call him directly at 330.591.5397.

      All the best,
      Regina Bell
      website manager

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