5 Candidates, 5 Stories
Tuesday, October 17
7:30 pm
Litchfield Town Hall

Join us at the Town Hall to learn about the viewpoints and experience behind the five candidates running for two Litchfield Trustee positions.  

Litchfield Trustee hopefuls are Daniel Ankney, Daniel Dangelo, Dennis Horvath, Charles Reynolds and Mike Setser.

The same four questions will be asked of all five, then residents will have the opportunity to ask questions of an individual candidate or all of them.   Light refreshments, coffee and punch will be served after.

Election Day this fall is on Tuesday, November 7.  Litchfield Township residents vote at the fire station at 9487 Norwalk Road, just west of the Litchfield Circle.

  • Hear from the candidates on October 17
  • Get out and vote on November 7!




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  • George pirkel

    Route 83 as you enter Medina County, has a very bad area .the double line stops right at the crest of Litchfield. the five home there has been getting almost killed coming out of our driveways cuz people passing can’t see and we can’t see him passing until they’re in our Lane .I’ve called the District 3 in Ashland before they straight but they didn’t continue to strike down over the crest, about striping a little another 20 or 30 feet down the road where people could see the whole road before they pass . When you’re passing that line you can’t see people coming out of their driveways until there on that road.I hope this could be remedied

  • Ryan Ashley

    Do these candidates have party affiliations?

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