Captain Davis and FF/EMT Smith enjoy Trunk or Treat


Thank You!!

Our first Trunk or Treat was a big hit this year! 

Does anyone have any pictures you'd like to share?  Just email them to our Contact Us page here.

Our Town Band 2017

Showing off the equipment

. . . and more Fun Day fun

Joshua & Izaiah Steidl chat it up with Patches

youngest & oldest band members: Reed Davis & Jim Plummer

band director, Cindy Bennett

getting brassy

wind section

Our award-winning Town Band

Climbing high

Dangerous work

Family Fun Day 2017

Mike Pope waiting for a good dunking

Future fire fighters Angel & Richard Arnold

Most popular kid activity

Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade

Santa visits the fire station

Fire & Rescue Team

Fire & Rescue Team

Firefighter Comuzie

Firefighter Comuzie

Putting it all out there


F&R smoke

A smoky life

Travel Tips: America’s 20 Best National Parks

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TownPress Half Marathon Draws over 500 Runners

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Band Awarded Historical Marker

Celebrate with the Litchfield Town Band!              Founded in 1901, The Litchfield Town Band’s directors and musicians are being recognized for their dedication through the years, receiving Litchfield Township’s first historical marker! Thanks to the tireless efforts of Celia Kruggel and Cindy Bennett, The Ohio History Center has awarded our […]

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