How can we make life in Litchfield Township even better . . . easier . . . for you?

Below is a list of what we offer and how you can get more info.  Simply click on each title to access the info you need:

Here’s contact information for the township departments and the areas of management for each trustee:

Trustee Area of Management
Management Area Name Phone Number
Fire & Rescue, Hospital/EMS Liaison, Zoning Dennis Horvath 330.591.5397
Roads, Cemeteries, Parks, Insurance, OSHA, ADA, CDL, Alcohol & Drug Testing, Prevailing Wage Coordinator Michael Pope 330.725.1652
Town Hall, Police     Chuck Reynolds  330.241.0737
Fiscal Officer Pam Shaw 330.722.7068
Department Contact Information
Department Name Phone Number
Fire Chief Jason Davis 330.725.0911
Cemetery Sexton Sue Marco 330.591.5541
Town Garage, Road Maintenance 330.722.7966
Zoning Inspector Eric Noderer 330.723.6966 #2