Cemetery Information

Sexton:  Sue Marco  |  330.591.5541

Please contact Sue for any needs or questions.  Click here for the most current Cemetery Deed information.


Basic Details:
     There are two active cemeteries in Litchfield Township: Crow Corners Cemetery and Litchfield Center Cemetery.
     No burials are permitted on Sundays or major holidays except at the discretion of the sexton and then at fees quoted for the grave opening.
     Burials are only permitted within existing designated cemeteries.
     Burials in Litchfield Township are limited to human remains.

Cemetery Fees:*
     Single grave for residents/taxpayers:  $300 
     Single grave for nonresidents/nontaxpayers:  $800
     Limit of one four-grave lot per person

Grave Openings:
     Standard burial
          Monday-Friday:  $500
          Saturday:  $750
          Sunday:  $1,000 (in emergencies)

     Infant Burial or Ashes in a Vault
          Monday-Friday:  $250
          Saturday:  $375
          Sunday:  $500 (in emergencies)

     Ashes in an Urn
          Monday-Friday:  $150
          Saturday:  $225
          Sunday:  $300 (in emergencies)

          up to 24″ x 12″:  $200
          up to 48″ x 12″:  $350
          larger:  individually priced, requires prior trustee approval 

*Prices are subject to change.

Cemetery Rules:
The rules are posted on the back of each deed and on the signs at the cemeteries.  Please read for dates of decoration removal/disposal.  Here are a few basics:

     Up to two potted plants or artificial arrangements per headstone
     No glass, please
     No stones or gravel around the headstones
     No flowerbeds or shrubs
     Employees can remove items that impede the maintenance of the cemetery grounds

A Bit of History:
Crow Corners Cemetery is a public cemetery that still has an occasional interment.  It is located on the south side of Crow Road just west of Yost Road.   The one acre of grounds is surrounded on three sides by woods and descends into a valley.  The property was owned by the Crow family through the late 1800s, but the first known burial was Rufus Burr on February 11, 1850.

Litchfield Center Cemetery began as a one-acre purchase in 1850, and the first burial was on June 13, 1831 for thirteen-year-old Jane Strait, daughter of new colonist Asa.  According to The Story of Litchfield, Ohio by The Litchfield Historical Society, Jane’s was “the first death that took place in the township, and the funeral services were the first open religious services ever held in the colony.”  The Litchfield Cemetery currently has over 1,650 burials on almost 13 acres of land.  Currently, only the front five acres are in use, while the remaining acreage is reserved for future expansion.