New Kids on the Block?

Well, you’ve come to the right place (meaning both Litchfield Township and this web page). Here is some info you might need right away, some later. And, remember, you can always call one of the Township trustees.

  1.  Moving In

Columbia Gas of Ohio 

Lorain-Medina Rural Electric (LMRE)

Rural Lorain County Water Authority (RLCWA)


Trash Disposal
Waste Management Services

C. Martin Trucking

Medina Gazette
The Post


  1. Keeping Safe

Medina County Sheriff’s Office
555 Independence Drive
Medina, OH 44256
Emergency: 911
Emergency Dispatch: 330.725.6631
General Information: 330.725.0028 or toll-free 844.725.4700
Detective Bureau: 330.725.9116

Emergency Address Signs
One of the easiest ways you can make your home and family a bit safer is by attaching a green address sign to your mailbox or a post in front of your home. This easy-to-read sign allows emergency teams to find your home as quickly as possible.

You can purchase an address sign at the Litchfield Fire & Rescue firehouse at 9487 Norwalk Road in Litchfield (on State Route 18 just west of the Litchfield Circle). The cost is $15 . . . a small price to pay when seconds count.

Contact the Litchfield Fire & Rescue if you have any questions: 330.725.0911.


  1. Learning the Rules and Regs

Our Plans for Our Future
The Litchfield Township Comprehensive Plan was created in 2006 and “provides a logical and goal driven strategy for shaping the future of the Township.” The Comprehensive Plan is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules, but they are the foundation to maintaining the integrity, security and charm of our Township.

To view the Plan, click here

Zoning In and Out
Please contact our zoning inspector at 330.723.6966, #2 before you build or erect any structure on your property, including barns, houses, decks and pools. Click here for more zoning info.

The Zoning Commission meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Litchfield Town Hall at 6:30 pm, and you are always welcome to attend.


  1. Schools & Sports

Go to our Kids & Teens page to find out details about our local schools and about school and community sports for kids of all ages. 

Local Schools
Buckeye Local Schools
3044 Columbia Road
Medina, OH 44256

Youth Sports
Sports are available for all ages and skill levels:

  • Buckeye Baseball & Softball Youth League (click here)
  • Buckeye Youth Football Association (click here)
  • Buckeye Youth Soccer (click here
  • Buckeye Local Schools Team Sports: 
    • Buckeye Schools Athletic Department (click here)  |  330.722.8257, ext 3053
    • Buckeye Schools (click here)  |  330.722.8257