Rent Our Tables, Chairs and Hall

Patti Distaulo
Town Hall Manager
PO Box 178
9256 Norwalk Road
Litchfield, OH 44253

  • The Litchfield Town Hall, tables and chairs are available for your special events.
  • Nonprofit groups can use the hall and items at no charge but may have to pay a deposit to insure against damage.
  • The rental of the Hall, tables and chairs is available to Litchfield residents only.
  • Free table and chair rentals, with a $50 refundable security deposit, are also available for after funeral gatherings.
  • We retain the deposit if there is damage or if cleanup is necessary.

Town Hall Rental Fees

Town Hall main floor

Town Hall top floor



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     Deposit: $100 (refundable)
     Top Floor: $50
     Main Floor: $100

     Gazebo with Town Hall restrooms:  $20 ($50 deposit, refundable)
     Gazebo and Town Hall:  $50 ($100 deposit, refundable)
     Gazebo only:  no charge

     Deposit:  $50 (refundable)
     Tables:  $5 each
     Chair:  50⊄ each